Au revoir I’m a Scientist, hello other stuff

Hi, you may know me as @imascientist, or maybe you’ve just come here by accident looking for information about major roads in Syria (in which case apologies). If the former, you may be wondering, what’s going on with Soph and the new blog and everything?

Well, after four years of slog, the I’m a Scientist project is now at a stage where there’s mainly a lot of admin to do and less of the crunchy stuff that floats my boat. I’ve started to find it frustrating, and also, it’s not the best use of the project’s resources. So Shane and I worked out a solution.

I’m still producing I’m a Scientist, but now only part-time. The wonderful Rosie Schultz is working full-time, doing all the admin stuff, probably far better than I ever did. And being young, and the world being an unfair place, she’s cheaper. So it all works out.

I always thought that the big strength of Gallomanor, when it came to running I’m a Scientist, was that we had a foot in the sci comm world, but also a foot in other fields, like online political engagement. I’m still a biologist at heart, and I don’t think good ideas come from nowhere: They come from cross-fertilisation.

I’m now free to spend the rest of my time getting involved in other things. Hopefully this will reinvigorate my work on I’m a Scientist. And also stop me stabbing Shane in an argument over whose turn it is to make tea. If you’ve got an idea for a collaboration, get in touch!


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