River of stories

If you’re interested in random interesting projects, this is me belatedly announcing we’ve now got a website for Tales from the River.

The project has been on a back-burner recently, as I’ve been doing a lot of work on I’m a Scientist’s GM Food event. That’s a bit of a departure for I’m a Scientist so it’s involved a lot of hard work, and a lot of learning.

(I’m really excited, and fascinated, by the GM Food event, by the way. I think it’s got the potential to see some really interesting, joined-up conversations. It’s the first I’m a Scientist event that’s open to all – not just school students – so go and have a browse, or ask a question. It’s intended to be a place for constructive, multi-perspective discussion, something we thought the topic of GM could do with…)

But enough of the I’m a Scientist hard-sell (I’m a real laugh at parties…), Tales from the River is still going ahead. We’ll be doing it in September. Walking all 187 miles of the River Trent, over three weeks, and doing storytelling sessions, followed by discussions and story-sharing, at every stop along the way.

If you are a person, or organisation, based along the route, who’s interested in us doing a session for you, or who can offer us a meal or lodging, then get in touch.


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