Sophia Collins CV Sept 2014

This is the blog of Sophia Collins, a science engagement specialist based in Edinburgh. Sophia came up with the idea for I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here! and ran the event from the start in 2008, to 2011.

She was the runner-up for the 2010 Josh Award (properly, the Joshua Phillips Award for Innovation in Science Engagement) and shortlisted for the (inaugural) 2011 Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Fellowship.

She’s interested in science engagement, dialogue, science education and science and society issues.

She has a degree in pharmacology from Edinburgh University and an M.Sc. in science communication from Imperial College, London. She spent six years working in science communication (mainly TV and museums) before starting work at Gallomanor in 2006. There she has run online youth engagement projects and consulted on various e-democracy and online engagement projects.

She has also written for The Lancet, Comment is Free, Focus magazine, Diva and Broadcast.

Why the dual carriageway to Damascus?

I once went to Damascus for the weekend, on a whim (I was in Lebanon at the time, and there was a cycling Frenchman involved) and spent the whole time tickled that I was living a metaphor. I didn’t have any blinding epiphanies, but I keep looking.

Dual carriageways are built for two-way traffic. I’m sure you can work out what I’m trying to say about the road to enlightenment…


2 responses to “About

  1. Dear Ms Collins,

    I create timeline wallcharts and in the course of my work have become interested in the subject of women and science.

    I created this wall chart to celebrate women in science…

    I admire your work and would like to discuss an idea I have for an online and paper version of a wall chart to encourage girls to get into science.

    Best Wishes


  2. Hi Gaverne, thanks for getting in touch. Feel free to drop me an email at sophia.e.collins@gmail.com and we can discuss.

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